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Our super sale is now running. Bourbon ,Whiskey, Rye,Malt,Moonshine and Vodka made by Davis Valley Distillery is available in Bulk Quantity. To get the cheapest rate, please contact us via email.

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Davis Valley Distillery is the top level Distillery in USA and makes Bourbon ,Whiskey, Rye,Malt,Moonshine, Vodka and Hand Sanitizer. You can buy for your business or organization.

Quality Guaranteed

Davis Valley promises to provide the best quality product. Our spirits have earned several awards and is made of the finest ingredients

Why Choose Us?

We use Pot Stills and never use the heads and tails, most other supplier’s use a continuous still where you never know what you are getting and where it cuts off.

The well water we use is limestone and the phrase is, if you have liquor water, your liquor is always superior.

We work seven days a week to check and make sure the barrel house as well as production is on track. A lot of business’s don’t like the seven day a week schedule but we want all our products to be great and sometimes it does demand extra time we spend on working.

Founder Promise

I got into the Distillery business to help our business grow and I felt like it was something we could do since we were great fermentors and we grew up in the Moonshine belt. The Appalachian Mountains where we grew up, Moonshine was understood and most people drink the product, whether it tasted like gasoline or not.  I knew if we tried we could make good Red Liquor.
We run this business as a business and we put it all back, to build a bigger business.
In my business career I was always the guy who built business’s for other people and they liked my position, and I never failed to grow many business’s and we always sold them at a profit. So I decided to do the same for ourselves and the business is going in the right direction.

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Davis Valley distillery

The art of handcrafting fine American spirits does not come easily. It requires patience, dedication, and respect for the long and colorful heritage of whiskey making. Our distillery was founded on these principles and we work tirelessly to uphold them. The result is unsurpassed quality and character in all of our spirit products.

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About Davis Valley Distillery

Davis Valley Distillery was a large winery that was converted to a distillery to make moonshine, vodka, bourbon and other whiskeys.Our spirits have earned several awards and is made of the finest ingredients.

Experienced, Trusted and Dedicated

Opening hours

  • Monday           : 08.30 AM- 04.30PM
  • Tuesday          : 08.30 AM- 04.30PM
  • Wednesday   : 08.30 AM- 04.30PM
  • Thursday        : 08.30 AM- 04.30PM
  • Friday               : 08.30 AM- 04.30PM
  • Saturday         : 09.00 AM- 04.00PM
  • Sunday             : Closed


  • Greg Pierce
  • 803 465 3865
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