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Bulk Pricing List for Products (Discounts on larger quantities)

Product Name US Gallon or Barrel Price (Price will less for large Quantities)
Bourbon by the Barrel (New Make) $1540.00/ Barrel
New Make Bourbon (Customer Recipe) $25.00
Vodka $20.00
All flavored Moonshine $20.00
Whiskey ( Recipe A or B ) $26.00
Maple $32.00
Rye in Barrel $32.00
Single Malt $32.00
2 Year old Bourbon Barrel $2000.00/Barrel
3 Year old Bourbon Barrel $2300.00/ Barrel
Sample Customer Recipe $
Hand Sanitizer Alcohol (Not Consumable) $18.00
Plastic Tote in Aluminum Frame $197.00
Steel Barrel Rack (Customer Price) $100.00
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